Is goldco a legitimate company?

GoldCo is an investment brand that allows you to invest in gold, either by buying gold bars %26 coins or through a gold IRA. The platform offers multiple investment vehicles that can meet your needs. goldco is a very genuine company that has been reviewed by a couple of consumers and owners of trusted consumer sites. None of the information provided by these individuals points to Goldco being a fraudulent company.

To conclude this Goldco review, it's time to answer if they are a scam or not. When I shared my investment thoughts or questions I had, he kept giving me reasons why they weren't right and inadvisable because that's not what other GoldCo customers do - and that these coins were the best thing for me. There is also an older profile with the name of “Goldco Direct” due to the fact that they were renamed to “Goldco”. Investors can open a new account or convert an existing IRA or 401 (k) into a gold or silver Goldco IRA.

Therefore, first of all, I would recommend that you take advantage of the free investment kit offered by Goldco, as it is very educational and easy to understand. When it's time to withdraw money, you can resell your metals to Goldco or a third-party distributor. Goldco is currently offering anyone its free investment kit (with a 10th anniversary silver coin included for a limited time), so be sure to take advantage of it before you miss out on the offer. If you realize that you really need to include precious metals in your investment portfolio, you should contact Goldco for all the assistance you need to set up a functional SDIRA.

When it comes specifically to gold and silver investments for retirement or cash purchases, Goldco is one of the best-known precious metals brokers in the industry. Goldco IRAs are self-directed, so the investor can contribute to the rebalancing of their portfolios. The only company that comes close to Goldco Direct in terms of honesty and reliability is Regal Assets. I did business with Reginald Johnson and discovered that he was a very professional representative of Goldco.

Goldco ensures that the renewal process (if you already have a retirement plan) is quick and easy. There really aren't many Goldco complaints to talk about when searching all the major rating sites (see below).

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